So why ‘Writ, Largely’?

A category of definitions begins to provide an answer. Less about its style than its subject matter, Writ, Largely intends from its title:

1) an admittedly strained pun on the expression “writ large”:

• describing something ‘larger than life’, blown up, exaggerated; rendered in the superlative, often the hyperbolic. The title signals that its subject matter is not limited to textual material, and it intends the rich connotative potentials of:

2) “writ” in several senses:

• the past tense of ‘write’, archaic, saturated with history; Old English-Germanic roots of ‘to write’ in the scratching, carving, etching of signs and symbols

• ‘holy writ’ — the sacred text as mythic text (No apologies.)

• legal writ — law in the sense worked for e.g. by Walter Benjamin and Giorgio Agamben: the mystification of sovereign power and the state through law. Increasingly, the mystification of the ‘global order’ on the part of particular institutional interests through legal, financial, administrative, and communicative protocols (discourses, ‘myths’, ‘writ’)

• effects of global phenomena and global processes that carve, etch, inscribe, imprint in/on the substance of the earth and its atmosphere, on animal flesh, on human flesh — written in tears, smoke, sweat, blood…

3) “large” and “largely” in several senses relating to the blog’s thematic focus on mythologies and imaginaries in the context of globalization. For instance:

• the spatial scale of ‘the global’ and global processes

• the imaginative or imaginal scale of cosmological narrative, ‘grand’ narrative, mass ideology, ‘civilizational’ narrative

• the scale of hyperbole, aggrandizement, and will to power — but also, and equally, of apocalypse

• the adverbial sense, descriptive of agency, action, and process

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