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“God move over”

GMO today means “god move over.” But genetic engineering is not a game of Lego in which genes can be moved around without any impact on the organism or the environment. It is time to put nature and people back in the technology narrative. It is time to see technology as a tool, and not an end that defines a new fundamentalist religion through which corporations become the new gods.

-Vandana Shiva

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New book: Reclaiming Indigenous Planning

“…shows how urban and rural communities around the world are reformulating planning practices that incorporate traditional knowledge, cultural identity, and stewardship over land and resources.”

the anthropo.scene

From McGill-Queens Press:

Reclaiming Indigenous Planning9780773541948

Centuries-old community planning practices in Indigenous communities in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia have, in modern times, been eclipsed by ill-suited western approaches, mostly derived from colonial and neo-colonial traditions. Since planning outcomes have failed to reflect the rights and interests of Indigenous people, attempts to reclaim planning have become a priority for many Indigenous nations throughout the world.

In Reclaiming Indigenous Planning, scholars and practitioners connect the past and present to facilitate better planning for the future. With examples from the Canadian Arctic to the Australian desert, and the cities, towns, reserves and reservations in between, contributors engage topics including Indigenous mobilization and resistance, awareness-raising and seven-generations visioning, Indigenous participation in community planning processes, and forms of governance. Relying on case studies and personal narratives, these essays emphasize the critical need for Indigenous communities to reclaim control of the…

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Français : Walter Benjamin en 1928
Français : Walter Benjamin en 1928 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Legal Writ

– Walter Benjamin on legal vs. mythical violence in his essay, ‘Critique of Violence’

– Benjamin and Giorgio Agamben (and Karl Schmitt and… the list is long) on law and mystification, on the state of nature & the social contract, the State/Leviathan, etc.  Primitivism and notions of “progress” are just some of what comes in the wake of these mythical-juridical terrors.