Myth. A class of stories and images. A form of imagination. A type of discourse. A fundamentally global phenomenon, and not only because mytho-logics are ubiquitous human artifacts no less modern than they are traditional.

A logbook. Reacting to a time when the stuff of cultural imagination — mythologies, ideologies, cosmologies, narratives grand and ‘grounding’ — is projected on a global scale like never before. Consisting of brief asides, quotations, images, music, conversations, longer posts, book blurbs, videos, and more, I compile a dossier on mythic imaginaries and globalizing fantasies as they touch, repel, hybridize, coexist, and (or) compete in the global age.

Writ, Largely. Dispatches from and about the global imaginarium. Letting accretion, juxtaposition, and playful bricolage deliver perspectives from critical studies of a globalized world to bear down on thinking about mythologies and the imaginary today. Having some fun while at it.

Starting, perhaps, with this attempt to explain the name of the blog.

This essay condenses a few recent thoughts on myth in these times.

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