writ large


penned, recorded, or exhibited in large or prominent characters. Chiefly in fig. use. c1645 MILTON Sonn., On new Forcers Consc. 20 New Presbyter is but Old Priest writ Large.  1868 FARRAR Silence & V. iii. (1875) 56 Let us look beyond them, and see it writ large upon the history of nations. 1877 L. MORRIS Epic Hades II. 117 That my life…Was but a tale Writ large by Zeus.


on a larger scale or in a more prominent manner: “the problems of modern totalitarianism are only our own problems writ large” — Times Literary Supplement

American Heritage

signified, expressed, or embodied in a greater or more prominent magnitude or degree: “The man was no more than the boy writ large” – George Eliot.

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